The Coral Beach Club in Lian, Batangas : A Review

As of writing, the place has an average rating of 4.2 / 5 stars on Google reviews. Place and amenities were good but they need to train their staff in handling customer queries and concerns. Read on to find out why.


Upon arrival, we were pleased to find ample parking spaces. Booking wasn’t under my name and we arrived at the area first. As soon as I provided his name, the keys for all the rooms were given to me. Not sure if I should be alarmed, but I wasn’t even asked to provide any proof that I am related to that person or if I am authorized to claim the booking.

The Room

Room was basic, nothing special but it’s got everything you need. So ininspect ko na naman kung “detailed” ba sila maglinis and ayun na-disappoint na naman ako. May hair sa floor ng C.R.

Nag-antay kami ng room attendant, walang dumating then finally bigla nalang gumana na lahat ng ilaw. (So at this point, di ko alam if may main switch ba sila sa office na binuksan na ayaw lang aminin na hindi nabuksan or finally na-figure out na namin yung proper way).

Common Area and Restaurant

They have a swimming pool, billiards area, in-house spa and restaurant. The restaurant food, as with the reviews, you’ll either love it or hate it – depends on your taste. I personally didn’t like their “timpla”, it was too bland for me. But for other members of the family, they were okay with it.

The swimming pool is perfect for us kasi may mga toddlers kami. Yung beach, hindi masyadong swiming-friendly kasi puro balsa. My favorite part of the place was the duyan by the beach.

What I don’t like about the common area is may nags-smoke ng cigarette. May kasama siyang foreigner so di ko alam if sila ba ang owner or maybe friends with the owner. May mga toddlers kami and hello, near the restaurant and beach siya nags-smoke. Impossible na designated smoking area yun kasi sa may entrance siya ng papunta beach. Super disappointing.

The Beach

The beach is okay. A bit better than Nasugbu’s beach kasi less corals more sand. Pwedeng pwede maglaro ng sand ang toddlers sa shore. What’s disappointing really is the number of Balsa (Floating Rafts) that is along the shore. I hope the city government would regulate them, like provide them a certain docking area so they won’t be all over the place.

We made the mistake of renting out a “balsa” for Php 1100. We were promised heavens and we were given purgatory. Hahahaha. Charot. Kasi sabi samin ni Kuya, dadalahin daw kami sa isang area ng beach na kid-friendly and ayun fish feeding.

Ayun, fish feeding, ilalayo nila ng kaunti yung balsa sa shore then dudurog ng Sky Flakes. The End. So nag-expect na kami na dadalahin sa ibang part ng dagat or beach pero hindi, yun na yun. Dun na yun. Technically, kung tamad ka lang magswimming papuntang malalim perfect yung balsa for you. Iyak tawa. Goodbye, Php 1100.00!

May mga walking vendors along the beach at tuwang tuwa ako kasi may ripe mangoes for only Php 20.00 per kilo. Isang basket yun, 3 kilos daw yun so Php 60.00. Ay grabe, super tamis. Kung may babalikan ako doon, mangga lang. And tinimbang ko sa bahay paguwi yung mangga, 3 kilos naman nga talaga.

Customer Service

Upon arrival palang sa rooms, we had trouble locating the proper way of turning the lights on – yes, there is a “proper” way as the power sources were connected to one main switch and we got tired of guessing if it’s on or off (as it doesn’t have labels). We gave up and thought power wasn’t fully activated in our unit and went to the receptionist to ask for help.So here is the first encounter with their customer service.

Me: “Excuse me, di po bumubukas yung ibang ilaw sa room namin parang may naka-off na outlet and power”

Receptionist (R) : “Ay ma’m bumubukas po yun”

Me: Ayaw po kasi eh, kanina pa namin fini-figure out. (In my mind, kung bumubukas naman eh tingin mo ba mage-effort ako lumabas dito para magpatulong?)

R: Sige po papuntahan ko po.

It would have been better if sa simula palang sabihin mo na papuntahan mo nalang sa attendant. And sana kapag sinabi mo na pupuntahan ng attendant, may pupunta talaga. Hahaha.

Ito pa, upon checking out, meron nasa harapan ko na mag-asawa na nauna. Narinig ko yung usapan nila:

Customer (C): “Miss, feedback ko lang, yung food sa restaurant na order namin sobrang anghang galit ata yung chef niyo sa paminta. Kahit yung pancit, maanghang di tuloy nakain ng bata. Ako mahilig ako sa maanghang pero hindi ko din talaga nakain. “

Receptionist (R): “Ay ganun po talaga yung timpla namin, dapat po ni-request niyo na hindi maanghang”

Best if sabihin niyo nalang na “Ay ganun po ba? Pasensya na po. Iforward ko po feedback sa chef”.

The Verdict

So, babalik pa ba kami doon? Siguro, if wala lang choice, like kung fully booked na ulit ibang resorts and last option na siya. Parang di kasi nila vina-value yung customers nila.

So there, hopefully nakatulong ito sa mga nagbabalak mag-book doon on what to expect from the resort. 🙂

The ₱99 Speedy Chopper : A Must-have Kitchen Item!

This is one of the MOST SULIT item na nabili ko online and it is my favorite kitchen item to date. Find out why!

Photo grabbed from

First Impression

I first saw this item at a local mall, it was on sale from its regular price of Php 599, it was sold only for Php 399. I was surprised nung nakita ko na Php 99 lang siya sa Lazada. I thought maybe copycat lang and low quality pero I decided to give it a try.

Super fast delivery, as in next-day natanggap ko na. Kamukhang kamukha nung nasa mall, same material, same feel.

Test Run

Siyempre sinubukan ko kaagad. Tried using it to chop Garlic – passed. Onions – passed. Perfect for making Salsa, so dun palang, masaya na ako. I tried using it to chop Ginger pero di ako umasa na kakayanin pero kinaya. Super impressed! Haha!

Finely chopped Garlic.

The downside to having this is additional hugasin but given the time and effort saved compared to manually chopping ingredients finely, offset na yun. Another thing is, paano kapag pumurol na yung blade or magkalawang? Pwede ba replacement blade lang or palitan the whole thing? Yes, mura siya pero sayang kasi plus the fact na challenge siya i-dispose.

Also, their selling point is “Goodbye Garlic Fingers” meaning hindi na mangangamoy Bawang kamay mo but this isn’t true kasi siyempre kailangan mo pa din balatan yung Bawang bago ilagay sa chopper.

The Verdict

Super sulit ang Php 99.00 ko dito. And in fairness, 4 months ko na siya gamit as of writing. Nagkaron ng malaking crack yung main plastic bowl pero nagagamit ko pa din. And if there comes a time na sumuko na siya, I will definitely repurchase this online.

Cracked but still usable.

Leave me a message in the comments section if you’d like to get the link of the actual product from the shop.