The ₱99 Speedy Chopper : A Must-have Kitchen Item!

This is one of the MOST SULIT item na nabili ko online and it is my favorite kitchen item to date. Find out why!

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First Impression

I first saw this item at a local mall, it was on sale from its regular price of Php 599, it was sold only for Php 399. I was surprised nung nakita ko na Php 99 lang siya sa Lazada. I thought maybe copycat lang and low quality pero I decided to give it a try.

Super fast delivery, as in next-day natanggap ko na. Kamukhang kamukha nung nasa mall, same material, same feel.

Test Run

Siyempre sinubukan ko kaagad. Tried using it to chop Garlic – passed. Onions – passed. Perfect for making Salsa, so dun palang, masaya na ako. I tried using it to chop Ginger pero di ako umasa na kakayanin pero kinaya. Super impressed! Haha!

Finely chopped Garlic.

The downside to having this is additional hugasin but given the time and effort saved compared to manually chopping ingredients finely, offset na yun. Another thing is, paano kapag pumurol na yung blade or magkalawang? Pwede ba replacement blade lang or palitan the whole thing? Yes, mura siya pero sayang kasi plus the fact na challenge siya i-dispose.

Also, their selling point is “Goodbye Garlic Fingers” meaning hindi na mangangamoy Bawang kamay mo but this isn’t true kasi siyempre kailangan mo pa din balatan yung Bawang bago ilagay sa chopper.

The Verdict

Super sulit ang Php 99.00 ko dito. And in fairness, 4 months ko na siya gamit as of writing. Nagkaron ng malaking crack yung main plastic bowl pero nagagamit ko pa din. And if there comes a time na sumuko na siya, I will definitely repurchase this online.

Cracked but still usable.

Leave me a message in the comments section if you’d like to get the link of the actual product from the shop.

Containers by Eco Hotel – Tagaytay: A Review

My family was invited to attend a 7:30 AM wedding in Batulao, Batangas a couple of months ago and my toddler is part of the entourage as one of the flower girls. We decided it would be best if we book a hotel nearby to stay in the night before so I went to online and was delighted to find an Eco-friendly hotel!


Checking in

Hindi ko na-picturan yung lobby area but it was super Instagram-able. The whole place was actually, Instagram-able. Maliit but functional, super lamig and mabango. Nagdi-diffuse sila ng Verbana oil kaya super relaxing.

Checking in took less than 10 minutes. Literal. After verifying my identity for the online booking, may ipapa-sign lang sayo na rules and regulations (no smoking inside the room, segregate trash, additional charge for pets, etc.) then you are good to go.

Third floor ang room namin and walang elevator kaya hindi siya PWD-friendly. Meron naman rooms sa ground floor and pwede i-request na doon kayo ilagay, if needed.

The hotel was filled with modern art and lots of common areas where kabataans could hang to read a book or play Mobile Legends at.

The Room

The room is quite small compared to other hotel’s standard room but you won’t feel it because it was decorated in a way to make it look spacious. A lot of natural light comes in because of the big window. Medyo industrial yung feel with a basbas of art here and there. Don’t expect a view of the Taal Lake kasi it is situated at the opposite side of the road. We had a nice view of the little dining area and front garden.

First thing I check upon getting to the room is yung cleanliness. Detailed cleaning lalo na sa bathroom. Our bed sheets, disappointed kasi meron stain (na mukha namang galing sa food). White sheets ang gamit nila so I was expecting na dapat spotless kasi madali naman linisin ang white sheets. And ayun, may isang pirasong short hair (na ayaw ko isipin saan galing) above the water closet.

All else is clean, even the rest of the bathroom.

Common Area and Restaurant

My favorite part. The whole 4th level is a common area with their in-house restaurant called “Camping & Grilling at the Roofdeck”. It has a playground and glamping tents for rent at the opposite side of the restaurant.

Super accommodating ng servers, super daming choices for alcoholic drinks and super fun experience yung pag-ihaw ihaw ala hotpot sa gitna ng table.

We went up the playground at 3pm, we were supposed to visit the zoo para ipasyal ang bata at 4pm pero nakalimutan namin sa sobrang enjoy. We had dinner doon na din pero meron din Japanese restaurant sa harap ng hotel if gusto niyo ng options.

Sleep Quality

Sa reviews, sinasabi nila na dahil gawa sa container van ang hotel, maririnig niyo all sort of ingay ng mga tao around and of those inside the other rooms. We checked in on a Friday night and siguro dahil wala masyado tao, we didn’t experience this.

What we experienced is yung rinig mo yung mga kotse sa highway. Yung hotel kasi is right along the main road kaya all sorts of dumadaan rinig mo. But you’ll get used to it after a couple of minutes and it won’t be that bothersome especially if you are tired from the travel and activities.

The Verdict

Babalik ba kami? Definitely. Relatively malinis, super friendly staff and really awesome value for money.

We also got curious about the other Eco Hotel that they have in Tagaytay (Cabins by Eco Hotel with Taal Lake View) and discovered they also have villas and serviced apartments in Makati, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay and El Nido.

#DesignedByMarian Jewelry Collection: A Review

It’s no secret na fan ako ng local actress na si Marian Rivera. So when Avon launched a jewelry collection designed by her, I quickly went online and got myself a necklace and a pair of earrings (kasi takot maubusan, Haha!). Sooo, kamusta naman? Read on to find out!

What’s inside the velvet box?

First Impression

It was my first time to order from Avon’s online store and I didn’t encounter any issues as their site is user-friendly. I ordered the item on February 7 and received it on the 11th.

It was neatly packed and came in on a velvet box aside from the outer paper box packaging. It also came with a note signed by Marian : “Don’t let anyone dictate who you are or who you should be. Love you most, Marian Rivera” (pero siyempre computerized).

It looked exactly like how it was in the Instagram photos posted by Marian and some celebrities.

It also came with a note from Marian : “Don’t let anyone dictate who you are or who you should be. Love you most, Marian Rivera”

In Detail

The jewelries are sold at Php 599 each but it definitely looks like it costs more at first glance. But siyempre, ibang usapan kapag nahawakan mo na, maiintindihan mo na kung bakit siya affordable. Gold plated siya and “features a cushion-cut emerald green gem surrounded by solitaire crystals” (from’s product description).

The Verdict

This collection is marketed to moms and Marian said she wanted to design accessories na women can wear everyday in any occasion like pagsundo ng mga bata sa school or whatevs. Achieve!

It seems to deliver on this as I won’t be afraid to wear these to the grocery or to run errands. It is a good add-on to a mundane outfit to give it an extra “bling” or to just make me feel extra special.

I love it and think that Marian should design more jewelries, do you agree? Let me know what you think in the comments section!

The ₱350 21-piece Unicorn Make-up Brush Set: A Review

Upon ordering, the Unicorn Make-up Brush Set has an average user rating of 4.6/5 out of 79 reviews so my expectations were a bit high. Does it live up to the hype? Keep on reading to find out!

As a stay-at-home mom, I seldom go out and if I do, I usually just dab a bit of powder, stain my lips and line my brow. So hindi ko naman talaga kailangan ng make-up brushes. My family has recently been invited to attend a wedding and so I took the opportunity to get myself a new set of make-up brushes and chanced upon this Unicorn set online.

First Impression

I ordered the item April 15 and received it on the 25th. Based on the reviews, it should just take 2 to 3 days to get the item but since I ordered it right before a long Holiday break, understood naman na hindi nila fault yun.

Each of the brushes were individually wrapped. No loose hair anywhere. Brushes were soft and I fell in love with its color! Ang lakas maka-bakla! Haha! If it was meant to resemble a Unicorn’s horn, it surely worked.

Daming plastic!

Test Run

The set is made up of 21 different types of brushes so it was a bit overwhelming. What I did was to group them by their tips’ shape and found there were similar brushes but is of a different size. Parang madaya ah? Char. Nag-google ako to check yung iba ibang klase ng brushes and its use pero di ko pa din talaga difference nila, honestly.

So ginamit ko nalang kung ano madampot ko. The only thing I would note is that too much of the product is left on the brushes, madami siyang na-absorb na product but kaunti lang nata-transfer sa mukha/ skin ko. It also makes the brushes harder to clean after use. I tried using make-up remover, mineral oil and soapy lukewarm water but to no avail.

The Verdict

Is it worth it? For me, no. Mura ang brushes pero sayang ang make-up. Two months after purchase, hindi ko na masyado ginagamit. Display nalang siya.

What makes the other make-up brushes expensive is the type of hair na ginamit for the brush. So I guess it really pays to invest in quality brushes. For this one, you definitely get what you pay for.

Soooo, which brand of make-up brushes would you recommend that’s worth investing on? Let me know in the comments section!

The ₱300 Non-stick Grill Pan: Is it worth it?

This pan has an average user rating of 4.7/5 (out of 852 reviews). Mga 1 month kong binalik-balikan ito sa Lazada para magbasa ng reviews bago ako bumili. Is it worth the buy? Read on to find out!

First Impression

I ordered the item on March 25 and received it the next day. HOORAY for the fast delivery. The item was well-packaged. The pan looks sturdy. I like the foldable handle kasi easier to store BUT… may BUT pero more on that later.

Upon removing it from the box, a strong smell of plastic greeted me. I thought it may be from the bubble wrap because the actual pan smells okay. Hinugasan ko siya pero hindi pa rin talaga nawala yung amoy.

Looked similar to the boxes of pans which can be bought from bazaars and night markets.

Test Run

I then tried making sunny side up egg to test it out. The pan was slightly indented upwards sa gitna which made the egg white run to the side. Pero in fairness, non-stick talaga siya.

The pan heated up quickly and the plastic-y smell came back stronger – strong enough to give me a minor headache. Naluto naman yung egg and inamoy ko, wala naman siyang amoy. Natakot lang talaga ako kainin kaya tinapon ko. Sorry egg. Hahahaha!

I sent the seller a message and normal lang daw yun kasi bago yung pan. Since di ko naman pwede i-return or refund kasi di naman defective, tinago ko nalang thinking pwede ko naman i-resell sa Garage Sale.

After a couple of days, I decided to give it another shot and cooked meat on it. I was surprised to learn that the smell is gone and everything else went well.

The Verdict

To answer the question – is it worth it?

YES! Especially if you are on a tight budget. I mean, it gets the work done. I’ve been using the pan for at least a month now and is fairly happy with it. Unlike sa regular frying pan, hindi masyado naso-soak sa oil yung niluluto ko and minsan butter lang or no oil at all.

No grill marks, sad reacts only.

BUT… ito na yung BUT. Yung foldable handle. May certain angle siya na kapag ni-lift mo yung pan, magco-collapse siya habang may laman yung pan na mabigat (i.e. meat). Hassle diba. Pero in time, you’ll learn naman yung proper way of handling it and yung technique.

The other thing that makes me sad is that I was expecting for my meat to get grill marks since it is a grill after all and there wasn’t any. (Mas soshal kasi kung may grill marks eh, diba? )

So tingin niyo, safe na ba talaga kainin yung mga niluto dito sa pan? Hahaha! Tell me what you think in the comments section.